Revoking the Recent Cuts & Changes to the Ontario Education System

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The Ford government has imposed and suggested many new changes that will affect your education. Can you imagine sitting in a classroom with 35 other students during the warmer months of the school year? Being unable to focus because of heat exhaustion and extreme odours  are just some of the things that may affect you.  However, if you're a student that possesses an IEP (individualized education program) expect to receive much less attention due to overworked teachers attempting to control a class the size similar to one you would more likely find in a college classroom.  Overall, there are no real winners except for the government's pockets.  I believe that teacher's throughout the province would be able to second that opinion, the Ford government persists that no jobs will be lost, however, this is ultimately impossible. Unless the province of Ontario turns into a utopia overnight there is absolutely no way that jobs will be secure.  Furthermore, hopeful teachers are being turned away left, right and centre by boards all over the province because of the hiring freeze put in place by the provincial government.  These are people who have worked tirelessly over a 4-6 year program, people who have taken out countless loans or worked 3 jobs at once to put themselves through university. These are people that could be furthering your education. Many young, intelligent students come from houses where education is not a main priority, students turn to OSAP to fund their education ventures so that they can make something of themselves. Unfortunately, Ford wants to cut OSAP funding and would rather spend 10 million dollars of government money on horse racing than furthering our citizen's education. Also OSAP's 6 month grace period is being removed, in most cases 6 months is not even enough time to obtain a job and will force recent graduates to live in a state of debt.  Finally, a school is split into two; the students and the educators, it is not only one half of the population being affected but both parts. The legislation is detrimental to everyone involved and by supporting this petition you are supporting your education.