The legalization of prostitution is the demand of the time to empower women from the base.

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After observing the present situation of India and after analyzing it, I think, the legalisation of prostitution should be ensured. On the one hand it would stop the sufferings of a neglected section of society and on the other it would increase the health and hygienic condition of India.  It would add some currency to the government fund, too. Yes, you heard right. The legalisation of prostitution would Increase the government fund. Whenever prostitution would be legalized, it would be treated as a sort of employment and then the government may earn taxes from this profession. Human beings are basically a type of animals who are guided by sexual instinct more than any other animal in the world. So, when they are doing something in a hidden way then they are prone to do more crimes. To hide their crimes they can go to any far, even like taking the life of the victim. By legalizing prostitution, our government can improve such situation. It is the time, when people are having more love affairs than a legal one. Most of the people are engaged in extra-marital relationships and most of the times people are sexually exploited. Women are posing nude even before the social media only to become famous. If such is the case, such can be accepted, then what's wrong there in legalization of prostitution? If a person can use his/her hands in a factory, use his/her brain in a public or private sector, then what crime is there in using one's body to earn one's daily bread?  If prostitution is legalized then the prostitutes would be able to take the shelter of law like any other common woman; many a prostitutes are regularly tortured by their customers in a brutal way and they have no other way but to endure. But by having a legal help they can get relief from such barbaric attitudes and activities . The legalisation would also help them to get free medical help from government which is good for our whole society in a round about way. They would know about health and hygiene and would be taught to take safety measures. Moreover , their children would be able to get education like any other child of India. Their daughters would not be compelled to take prostitution to earn their living and their sons would no more live the cursed lives of pimps. Why would a section of society be kept outside education even in this century?
We know about the Nagarbadhus in Buddhist period. That was a matter of honour and fame for a woman at that time. The most beautiful woman was showered with the honour. She was actually a legal prostitute who enjoyed the power to deny even the king. Then Devdasi system came and they were respected by common people as mothers and their position was next to the priest. Then for what reason the prostitutes are, now, looked down upon in such a mean way! It is only to stop the empowerment of women and it is a very cunning step taken by our chauvinist society. In this age of sperm banks, while a woman is becoming a mother by taking sperm of an unidentified man, then what hindrance is there in legalisation of prostitution ? If such a child can get all types of help from government then why not the children of the prostitutes!

In many countries , the countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Austria, Germany, Italy, USA, Ecuador, Belgium, New Zealand, Canada, Japan and even in Bangladesh( not the Gigolo business), Prostitution is legal, though in many countries pimping and keeping brothels are illegal. Obviously brothel business and pimping should be banned, otherwise the story of exploitation of the sex- workers would never stop; Brothel houses should be closed and a prostitute would be free to work according to her will and wish. But, when Indians boast after returning from a sex-trip to Thailand, then what is the point behind not legalizing PROSTITUTION? In a country of Khajuraho and Kamasutra, it is not at all a big issue.  I REQUEST EVERY INDIAN TO SUPPORT THIS MISSION OF LEGALISATION OF PROSTITUTION. PROBABLY IT MAY UPLIFT THE CONDITION OF A NEGLECTED SECTION OF SOCIETY.