July 16, 2022
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Started by N Williams

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So accountability and responsibility can be held and maintained in the judicial process, specifically in the competence, integrity and ethical behavior of court officials. 


FRAUD was committed within my bank account ALMOST 2 YEARS AGO.


It's been since mid-June 2021 that hearings have begun in New Jersey. 

HOWEVER, My hearings are continuously delayed due to discovery not being obtained and NO ONE IS LOOKING (besides me) TO WHY DISCOVERY HAS NOT BEEN ABLE TO BE OBTAINED BY THE DEFENDANT'S LAWYER. 

NO ONE is LOOKING (besides me) into why the Prosecutor of Lawrence has been unable to OBTAIN DISCOVERY SINCE FEBRUARY of 2022 when  the cases were consolidated to Lawrence Municipal Court. 

THE LEGAL SYSTEM IS FRAUGHT WITH CRITICAL FLAWS and someone needs to look at what is going on.

Someone Needs to be held accountable!

The Facts: 

  1. I was a victim of fraud between November 2020 - Jan 1, 2021. The amount exceeded $10,000. The person was familiar to me and was around under the guise of helping me when I was sick.
  2. It has been 19 months since I have reported fraud to my bank and filed complaints with the police departments in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
  3. Since that time there have been over 30 court dates within 6 municipalities that have been scheduled. I have attended all, although I am a full time SPECIAL EDUCATION teacher with a FULL Caseload that has been impacted due to teacher and staff shortages. I am also enrolled part time in Post Graduate School. 
  4. The defendant has only shown up for 3. Twice occurring within the month of July 2022. Also, there were many times the defendant's attorney was late or did not show up. 
  5. The 30 court dates do not account for last minute cancellations or continuances on the day of court when I was notified that court would not take place. This occurred after I made changes to my schedule to attend. 
  6. Criminal arrest warrants were issued in September and October of 2021 in both PA and NJ.
  7. A criminal arrest warrant was recalled on 03/07/2022 in NJ. I was not notified.
  8. Criminal arrest warrant is still outstanding in PA.
  9. I have spent hundreds of hours as a victim. I have sent over 500 emails. Driven from PA to NJ to file multiple complaints in over 6 jurisdictions. I have spent hours on the phone with Bank of America and other agencies. I am in the process of compiling that data. FYI: I as a victim did not receive a victim's advocate or was given anyone directly to support me through this matter (since my complaint was downgraded to municipal court). 
  10. My NJ cases have been consolidated to Lawrenceville, NJ in February 2022.
  11. Since February there have been over 5 adjournments due to lack of discovery. It has been stated that Cherry Hill and Trenton records have not provided requested information. It has been stated information needs to be collected by West Windsor (although unclear). 
  12. I have reached out to the records departments and my findings are that there are inconsistencies with what was said in open court.
  13. Three weeks ago (6/21/2022)I personally spoke with someone in records in Trenton. I have email correspondence as well.
  14. I have correspondence from Cherry Hill on that date as well.
  15. The prosecutor at that time received the information and said she would relay it to the defense attorney.
  16. The case was to be adjourned to July 12th so that evidence can be observed.
  17. July 12th the court date has been adjourned yet again due to lack of discovery from Trenton and Cherry Hill. I am unsure if additional evidence from West Windsor has been obtained. 
  18. My time and schedule has been interrupted AGAIN and AGAIN while no consideration is given to "due process". 
  19. I am filing grievances against Trenton and Cherry Hill because this has been ongoing for months.
  20. Cherry Hill Court dates were June 17, 2021, 10/28/2021, Nov. 10, 2021, Jan 26, 2021. Adjournments have been granted because the defense counsel stated they needed to view discovery.
  21. Now that Cherry Hill has been consolidated to Lawrence - the defense attorney states the same things. He has been unable to obtain discovery.
  22. Trenton court dates were never held because the defendant never turned themselves in on warrant, which was issued in September 2021. The warrant was recalled in March of 2022. I was never notified. I would like for someone to look into this as well. 
  23. I would like for the current judge to require both the prosecutor (current and prior) and defense attorneys to present information in regards to their attempts of obtaining discovery from September 2021 to Present Date.
  24. I would like for the Cherry Hill Police Department and Trenton Police Department to look into why it has been months and allegedly requests to obtain discovery have not been met from September 2021 to Present Date. UPDATE 7/14/22: I RECEIVED AN EMAIL FROM CHERRY HILL THAT NO REQUESTS WERE MADE FOR DISCOVERY IN REGARDS TO MY COMPLAINT.
  25. I NEED for the Supreme Court of New Jersey's Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct to Look into why these adjournments were consistently granted for months with no follow up -because I actively made my thoughts on the matter known in open court and provided information that there were inconsistencies to what the prosecution and defense were stating. I would like access to court transcripts at no expense. 
  26. I NEED for The Supreme Court of New Jersey's Office of Attorney Ethics to look into why there are inconsistencies to what was said by both the Prosecutor and Defense Attorneys in open court in relationship to information I have been given. I would like access to court transcripts at no expense. 
  27. I am in the process of filing grievances and want this matter to be taken seriously, as matters like this is why there is low confidence and public trust in law enforcement, lawyers and the entire judicial process. 
  28. I would like for  myself and the public to have access to these findings once a determination has been made. 
  29. Inconsistencies should be met with disciplinary action by the COUNTY, STATE and BAR ASSOCIATION.
  30. Someone is at fault and  should be held accountable !!!!



It is unfair for law abiding, tax paying citizens that do the right thing to receive no support and have lesser rights than criminals. That the judicial process allows things that I experience to go on. I sincerely believe that this is a miscarriage of justice and why there is an influx of murderers and lawlessness in our communities. This experience is truly real, but UNREAL. 



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