To remove the League of American Bicyclist friendly status for the City of San Antonio.

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For the past 4 years under the Bronzes status of bicycle friendly city by the League of American Bicyclist, the city of San Antonio has removed bicycle lanes, allowed cars to be parked in the bike lane, failed to allow with reasonable safety rules to use the Linear creekways after dark, and failed to inact it's Bicycle Master Plan. When new bicycle infrastructure is built, like bike lanes and protected bike lanes, they fail to meet the standards of being friendly towards bicyclist and go anywhere useful.

We the people who bicycle to work and for pleasure in San Antonio, Texas are tired of the city using our Bronze status as an excuse not to be a bicycling friendly city. We believe that if the status is removed, the city of San Antonio will  work harder to reach the goals of Vision Zero and to be a bicycle friendly city.