To hold the government to account over cv19 victims.

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The recent decision by the Chief Coroner to advise inquests into cv19 deaths not to consider PPE as a factor is setting out perametres which will lead to another 'Hillsborough 'situation. All factors must be considered including the government's failings from the outset to the present day, border controls have especially been ignored as have the elderly in care. The leadership of government has been sadly lacking instead it took to spin,the public deserve the truth about how this has been mismanaged not another long drawn legal battle to find answers. There is underway a course of action by the government and the so called medical experts to take the publics eye off the real issues and lead it down a path of its choosing, THIS MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN, all the lives lost during this time deserve the respect and the TRUTH not lip service by those in power protecting their own self serving interests. There has been an enormous price to pay for families up and down the country already, and when the final account has to be paid they and their families will again be asked to shoulder the heaviest load. Whilst praising, 'The Heroes 'of the NHS and emergency services the government has carried on its backdoor privatisation policy and introduced emergency legislation to enable it to go further without scrutiny, ministers have publicly refused to say if they would back a pay rise for those same heroes and at the same time did not give them the tools for the'BATTLE AGAINST CV19 '.Presenting this petition to gather the momentum of the fight for the truth of all the facts, I beg you all not to let the truth be buried in another establishment long drawn out saga with the deaths of all the victims ending in nothing more than statistics.