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Watering WA...Pipeline from The Kimberly

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Piping water from the Fitzroy River to Perth, has been talked about for the past 50 years, We, the undersigned say "MAKE IT HAPPEN". With four more years before the next State Election, the Opposition should grasp the nettle and look at the proposal with minute detail and foresight. For many years the project has been loosely looked at and rejected out of hand as being too costly and just too difficult. It has simply been looked at as so many cents per litre for the pipeline as opposed to so many cents per litre for Desalination. What has not been considered is the overall benefits that such an enormous project would bring, and listing them here would take up so much time, but some are:

Dam the Fitzroy,

Create a hydro electricity network from the pipeline at the dam wall, with a further hydro electricity generation facility as the pipe runs down MT Henry, south of Newman.

Build 2 double pipelines from the Fitzroy  River to Perth

One double pipeline along the west coast via Port Hedland, Karratha, Geraldton to Perth

One  double pipeline inland adjoining Great Northern Highway via Newman, Meekatharra to Perth.

Use one of each pair to pipe water to the Perth Metropolitan dams, and use the other to service the water reserves of all towns along the route to Perth. Thus, drought-proofing almost half of the towns along the way.

Fill up and further develop Harding Dam at Roebourne and create a multitude of opportunities for the indiginous population to become involved in horticulture, agriculture, tourism, construction and a multitude of associated activities. Likewise, fill up and develop Opthalmia Dam near Newman and the opportunities are similar.

Plant 1 million trees along each pipeline over a 5  year period.

Use only Australian steel in the pipes. What an extraordinary opportunity, considering that the pipelines will be almost passing through some of the world's biggest iron ore deposits.

Employ portion of our immegration intake on the project for a period of 3 years prior to receiving Australian Citizenship.

Open up thousands and thousands of country for agriculture to rival the wonderland that is Kunnunurra. All it takes is water  water water.

And how is it to be paid for?

Government Bonds saw the country through 2 World Wars. Government Bonds would see Western Australia become the food bowl of Australia, and maybe half of our Asian neighbours.

I am a retired School Principal who has lived in the harsh but beautiful  Northwest  and have travelled through the regions many times. I love the prospect of having like mind people join me in putting this proposal forward.

Thank you. Clive Harper

This petition is primarily to say to the Opposition...... Take this proposal, fully costed, fully documented and  thought through, to the next election, and WA will love you for it.




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