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Save endangered snow leopards before it's too late!

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This petition is being written in an attempt to save endangered snow leopards. Snow leopards are being killed every day one by one. For the past years, thousands of snow leopards have been being killed. Sometimes, like to make medicine in Japan, it is for a good cause but the majority, its for a reason so petty as so people can wear their fur. This reveals the true reason that they are going extinct. People like to pretend that snow leopards are just randomly going extinct and we humans have nothing to do with it. But boy are they wrong. Humans are the exact reason. People are killing them left and right, not to mention global warming! Oh ya, that’s our fault to. Global warming is driving them farther up into the mountains, where there is less food for their prey so the prey that snow leopards need, doesn’t live there! People have been allowed to keep killing snow leopards due to the ignorance of our government and other people’s ignorance that the government will take care of it. And as a result, innocent animals, who have as much right to be on this earth as we do, are being killed. Some people kill them because they eat our livestock but the real reason they eat our animals in the first place? They don’t have enough food. We either domesticate or eat their prey. There is a law against killing snow leopards. But it is in no way as strict as it should be. It isn’t hard to kill a snow leopard and sell the fur illegally without getting in any trouble. When confronted with problems such as this one, the government often just says that nothing can be done. But that is just a lie. They could do plenty. For example, they could make stricter laws against the killing of snow leopards. I hope people will sign this petition to save endangered snow leopards from their path to extinction.  

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