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Stop fracking in North Carolina

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We try to teach our children the difference between right and wrong, we reprimand them and punish them if they do wrong, and praise them when they are good. It is our time to to do what is right and show our children not only by words but by action. If we do not take a stand for any other reason than our children's well being and future then at least we can say we tried to be good parents. The people we vote into office are suppose to be "for the people, by the people," but maybe we should start demanding that they also keep our children's future in mind. Fracking has NOT been proven to be safe and has in many instances ruined not only land and water but lives also. It creates heavy traffic, lots of noise, constant diesel exhaust and damages to TAXPAYERS ROADS! It is drilled through the watertable and can and probably will contaminate well water, streams ,ponds, lakes and rivers. Not to mention the fact that the waste is put in waste facilities to be treated and put back in with the regular water so if you have city water you are NOT SAFE EITHER!!! PLEASE, I beg you for your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and anyone one else you love lets try to stop this, at least til we know more of the risks. Unless hydrochloric acid, radium, diesel fuel, boric acid, and methane sound good with your coffee every morning.

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