To disable the police from arresting & searching the youths without warrant in nigeria

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This is a cry out for help for the youths of nigeria . 6 out of 10 nigerian youngsters are more likely to be  assaulted , arrested and killed unjustly by the Nigerian police even when there are clearly no incriminating evidences. Now that the Nigerian government signed a new Law enabling the police to arrest and search  phones without warrant , this will worsen the situation of things in our country as the lives of our youths ( the leaders of tomorrow) are at stake. With your help , we can overcome this !

Years before now , many of our youths have been killed unjustly and nothing was done about it. The Nigerian government has made sure that we remain weak , even when the youths have no intention of exercising violence and in 3 years to come (2023). Political parties will expect these same youths to vote them to power. The current people in power are way too old to rule and because they know that the youths have potential to influence positive change, they have decided to formulate policies that will lead to the destruction of thriving nigerian youths while keeping their own offsprings out of harm's way. Misplaced priorities has always been the order of the day and that is why we cry out for help . This is just 1 out of the  hundreds of circumstances  that we find ourselves in , as a people. We need you to spark change today!❤