The Last Straw - End the use of single use plastic straws in North Lake Tahoe.

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The Last Straw!

7% of the plastic waste found in the ocean are straws!

As of now, most businesses automatically insert plastic straws in all sorts of drinks, without customers even asking or needing one. Recently, people, and corporations, alike are realizing that this is a wasteful and irresponsible situation, and one that can be immediately addressed.

--Simply ban the use single use plastic straws, but allow for plastic alternatives, upon request. (We hope to follow on the success of other communities like Seattle and Malibu, which have passed such initiatives.) 

This petition will serve as a voice of the people in Placer County, and surrounding areas, for their desire to see formal initiatives put on the ballot to become law.

We also hope to engage businesses directly, to obtain voluntary support for this urgent and irresponsible circumstance, and help change the culture around the use of straws -- in addition to passing law on the issue. 


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