The Last Straw: Ban plastic straws from London businesses

I am writing every Governor, Senator, and State Representative, and 100 of the largest fast food chains. The current world situation regarding plastics is not urgent, rather it is dire. In the interest of public health, I am urging all 50 U.S. governors to declare a “State of Emergency.” As such, to require that the entire population bring their own cups, straws, and silverware to food establishments—single use plastic-ware banned effective immediately from food establishments and all retailers. Ban Styrofoam take out containers effective immediately. (This sounds shocking, but this is necessary until bioplastics are the norm. Further, it solicits needed public awareness of the global crisis threatening humanity.)

Every year, $15 billion in food packaging is sold in the US, including nearly 39 billion pieces of disposable cutlery, more than 113 billion disposable cups and nearly 29 billion disposable plates.

Additionally, we cannot live without a healthy ocean, as it provides 80% of oxygen and cools the earth’s temperature. The acidity of the oceans and death of the coral reef have brought the world to a crisis.

The Plastics Manufacturers are culpable for tainting the entire food chain. Microplastics are undeniably in the food, air, soil, filtered water, and within us—even newborns. That alone is the reason to stop the hemorrhaging of plastics with a tourniquet and declare a “State of Emergency” with a total ban on consumer use of single use plastic-ware and Styrofoam.

Here is some informative reading:
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2) How many tons of plastic are disposed each year? What is the weight of the entire human race?
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3) What's the difference between plastic and bioplastic?
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[Identifies health problems]

[Europe is waking-up to the new world problem of "single use plastics"]

[The output is largely overwhelming, making it difficult to recycle the total quantity. A total paradigm shift is needed towards eliminating "single use plastics"]

[The world announces their concerns at the G7 meeting]

[A very important spreadsheet. Despite a lot of headlines about regulation, here's the reality in this spreadsheet. It shows the SPARCE legislative process globally. A lot of piecemeal legislation won't begin until 2030. Not good enough! Reveals the urgent pressure on corporations to self-regulate. And I mean next year! Not 3-12 years away.]

[On the bright note, these concept products "could be" our future. A lack of time and a lack of change are the obstacles. Let's ban single use plastic items for the food industry as the first step.]

Let’s do more to educate an ignorant public as well as the media.
And finally, let's keep our eye on the emerging bioplastics field for changes in material sciences particularly surrounding "packaging." This includes Bioplastics News and Bioplastics Magazine.
reveals the thousands and thousands of number of locations of the top food chains. The impact of single use plastic-ware and Styrofoam is enormous.

Shannon McCloy, Salem, OR, United States
3 years ago
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