#FREEMUAY from being UNJUSTLY jailed by the Lao government!

#FREEMUAY from being UNJUSTLY jailed by the Lao government!

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16 avril 2021
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Pourquoi cette pétition est importante

Lancée par Manushya Foundation

“I cannot be silent as we have in the past. The era of the regime keeping the eyes and mouths of the people closed has come to an end.” -Muay

Ms. Houayheuang Xayabouly (Muay) is not only a mother, small business owner and the primary breadwinner of her family in Lao PDR, but she is an admirable woman human rights defender and environmental activist.

Since 2017, Muay has been tirelessly advocating and fighting for her local community in hopes of helping them obtain justice. She has used social media to raise awareness over numerous issues such as:

1. Private companies TAKING ADVANTAGE of Lao people through excessive tolls
2. CORRUPT hiring practices for public sector and governmental positions
3. BRIBES being used to secure Lao children spots in school
4. AND the extremely slow response by the Lao government after TWO devastating natural disasters hit local communities;

Muay’s videos went viral on social media and she was soon considered a public figure amongst Lao people.

Unfortunately, in September 2019 Muay was arrested WITHOUT A WARRANT by Lao police and has since been wrongly imprisoned for criminal defamation and distributing anti-state propaganda under Article 117 of the Lao Criminal Code.

The Lao government uses Article 117 to ABUSE, INTIMIDATE AND SILENCE its people from addressing the state’s HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS. Before Muay, the government used this “law” to punish several other human rights defenders.

But the Lao government HIDES behind Article 117 to claim that Muay has been found guilty by law, when in fact it used this as a guise to DENY Muay every fair trial guarantee that the Lao government is BOUND to follow per its international human rights OBLIGATIONS.

Muay was DETAINED long before her hearing!
Muay was DENIED access to an impartial lawyer!
Muay was subject to REPEATED long interrogations!
Muay was COERCED to confess that she was “spreading propaganda”!

Not only that, but NGOs are BANNED from visiting Muay, external investigations into the matter are NOT ALLOWED, and she has been unable to see her young daughter but a handful of times. She has reportedly lost significant weight and is suffering from severe depression while serving her FIVE-YEAR sentence.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please sign this petition to demand that the Lao government immediately #FREEMUAY and that it immediately STOPS all human rights violations against her!

We must hold the Lao government ACCOUNTABLE for its grave human rights abuses against Muay and its treatment of all other human rights defenders!

 Join our Campaign to #FREEMUAY:


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Signatures : 525Prochain objectif : 1 000
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