Support The Best Noodle Inn to re-open

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In these times of global pandemic uncertainty, we all need the deliciousness of inexpensive, comforting & reliable takeaway meals (oh that amazing Laksa..!!) 

We the appreciators, of such amazing cuisine over the last 3+ decades, call on the Landlord of 105 Cronulla St, Cronulla to assist the business operators to reopen, and thus save a Cronulla & Shire Icon. 

I'm not one to exaggerate, but this is a matter of the highest importance (think life & death,) as nowhere else on the Earth have I found such amazing Laksa / BBQ Pork Hokkien Noodle / and Chilli Beef Black Bean Rice Noodles that I (& many others) come to love over 26 faithful years of regular consumption. 

I'm sure others will have their favourite dishes, but there's also a human side to this issue..  the friendly faces & warm greeting during every visit. Think not only of your taste buds & stomachs, but of the loyal chefs & staff that have given us so much.  

Sure, this is no fine dining establishment, the furniture & decor attests to decades of faithful & hard wearing service..   but it's at the top of my (and many others) lists of the Shire's best eats. 

Please work with the operators, & provide rent relief to re-build this iconic beacon of hope for us all to enjoy..   

Richie - Standard order noted above, occasionally with Fried Dim Sims also.