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Tougher Laws to Protect Landlords From Marijuana Grow-Ops

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Under the Cannabis Act, which was introduced in the House of Commons in April 2017, people over the age of 18 would be able to grow as many as four marijuana plants in their homes, as long as the plants aren't taller than 100 centimetres.

We are proposing stricter laws to take landlords into consideration. Our concerns are:

Growing pot requires copious volumes of water. Depending on the rental unit and access to ventilation, this could mean excess levels of humidity which could lead to issues with mould.

The growth of cannabis plants emit a very strong, distinctive odour that many find unpleasant. Smoking marijuana produces a very pungent, pervasive smoke that lingers and remains in the indoor air and furniture if there is lack of sufficient ventilation.

Growing pot requires 12 hours of light a day (so a typical small-number-of-plants operation could easily rack up $500/month in Hydro costs.)

Growing pot may put your property in danger of fire, as pot is dried in ovens.            Landlords can have their home insurance cancelled if the insurance company learns that pot is being grown on the premises. Why? Read this:

"It was a call from a concerned neighbor, who also happened to be a retired fire inspector, which led Spencer to investigate the home he had rented out to the tenant in question. He found a tangle of extension cords, fans, and lights packed inside a room growing marijuana plants. The setup was so haphazardly done, that the upstairs tenant of the same building – a woman with a small child – complained to Spencer about heat radiating through the walls and electrical breakers going off."

Furthermore, “The new regulations do not require individuals to notify or seek the consent of their landlords, as such requirements would likely infringe on their right to reasonable access to cannabis for medical purposes.” ...The statement said a consent requirement would force tenants “to choose between where they live and being able to access to cannabis for their medical need.”

We, who sign this petition, are asking:

(1) for stricter laws that protect landlords.

(2) that the onus of "reasonable access" be on the legal pot suppliers and the Federal Government. As it is, through legal suppliers, some individuals are spending "thousands of dollars" per month to seek relief for medical symptoms. Bring costs down so that patients do not have to resort to home-growing. 

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