Delay the April 1st launch of SentriLock then put it to a VOTE of all Lakelands Members!

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We want to delay the mandatory April 1st SentriLock launch for 6 months then put it to a vote for ALL Lakelands Sales Representatives and Brokers!

The Lakelands Board of Directors and Staff have mandated that all of our Sellers use SentriLock Electronic Lockboxes on their homes as of April 1st, with the only exceptions to this rule being if there is a keypad, if the condo corporation or homeowners association does not allow them, or if the Seller would like to leave their door unlocked. Mechanical lockboxes will no longer be allowed on any Lakelands MLS listing as of this date.

It was our initial understanding that these electronic lockboxes would be fully integrated with our showing systems (LoneWolf, BrokerBay, ShowingTime, etc.) which would therefore only allow Agents to access that lockbox during their confirmed showing time. This is not the case.

At this time, ANY Lakelands Member can access ANY SentriLock Lockbox within the hours of 7am - 11pm whether or not they have booked a showing with the Listing Brokerage.

In addition to the flaws with this system, Covid-19 has caused many agents and staff to self-isolate- many are unable to go to their offices to pick up the lockboxes, connect with Sellers to have them sign the mandatory Lockbox Usage Form, and physically get these lockboxes on their listings by April 1st. Covid-19 has caused an uncertainty in what the next few months will hold, and with that, this is not the time to launch SentriLock.

On March 16th 2020, I put in a request to the Board of Directors and Staff to delay this launch until our offices and towns open back up for proper business, and the showing systems are integrated so these lockboxes can function properly. The Board of Directors had an emergency conference call on March 17th and they voted to keep the April 1st mandatory launch date in spite of these concerns.

I have been asked by several members from different Brokerages to get a petition of all Lakelands Sales Representatives and Brokers to voice that we want a 6 month delay of this launch to October 1st, 2020 and at that time have ALL Lakelands Sales Representatives and Brokers vote on whether or not these SentriLock Lockboxes should be made mandatory to us all, an option for members to opt in to or not, or fully cancel them.

Please sign this petition to show your support!