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Unite and cooperate to create an anti-Tory majority in 2020

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In a fair world we would have proportional representation so that the Greens and Liberal Democrats received a fair number of MPs relative to votes received.

In a fair world we would have campaign finance laws that meant a few millionaire donors with vested interests weren't able to stuff Tory treasure chests with 3 times the amount Labour raised.

In a fair world we wouldn't have a right-wing press owned by tax-exiles, foreigners and pornographers exerting a malicious influence on public opinion, spreading fear, xenophobia and division.

We don't live in a perfect world. It's time left-wing and progressive forces in the UK recognised this and worked together within the system we have. Use First Past The Post to lock the Tories out of Government in 2020.

In Morley and Outwood, Ed Balls lost by 422 votes: the Liberal Democrat candidate received 1,426 votes and the Green candidate 1,264. In St Ives, Liberal Democrat Andrew George lost to the Conservatives by 2,400 votes: the Labour candidate received 4,510 votes and the Green candidate 3,051 votes. In the Gower, the Conservatives won by a mere 27 votes - tactical voting by Plaid Cymru, Green and Lib Dem supporters could easily have ensured a Tory defeat. In Dumfriesshire the Tory victory over the SNP was by less than 1,000 votes: the 7,000 Labour voters might have made sure the Tories had no Scottish MPs at all.

In dozens of seats across the country the story is the same - a split in the left-leaning vote between 3 (or 4) parties who broadly agree on a range of issues. 

We the undersigned hereby urge and implore the leaders of the left to put aside petty differences: surely all can agree that the most important goal at the next election should be a Tory defeat? The principles and policies that divide you are no good to anyone on the opposition benches. 

If we can't get a fairer electoral system then we will have to play the one we have: where a party has no chance of winning, don't put up a candidate and endorse the left-leaning party that can beat the Tories. Communicate with each other. Manage it fairly so the Greens and Plaid Cymru increase their number of MPs at the expense of the Tories. If you must, continue to compete in seats where the Tories have no chance of sneaking in (Bristol West for example) but not where the Conservatives stand a chance.

Let's make the next five years the Tories' last five years. 


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