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Anti-Semitism is now being used as a weapon to silence those who would speak out against injustice.  It is being used in such a way as to silence freedom of speech.  The cries of Anti-Semitism are now being used in an inappropriate way.  I abhor racism in all it's forms but it has now gone far too far and merely the cry of AS has itself has become a weapon of abuse, where is the justice?  Why are the NEC and Labour Party now becoming part of the problem.  When they continually target people with a good record against racism in all it's forms, it actually achieves the opposite to the desired goal.  This is not justice, this is a tribute to McCarthyism where an accusation is enough.  It has become a kangaroo court with the accusers given anonymity while decent people are tarnished and decried - This is not socialism, and some of these accusations wouldn't even stand up in a Civil Court let alone a Criminal One even in our broken justice system - Please re-think and look at who the accusers are and where their affiliations lie, as they do not seem to lie with a socialist Labour Party