Labour must not back a 2nd EU Referendum under ALL and ANY circumstances.

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Contrary to popular belief, many thousands of Labour members do not support the policy of a 2nd EU referendum. The reasons for this are varied and deeply felt, from fearing it will lead to further divisiveness, to fears concerning the loss of trust that will result, particularly amongst leave voters. However, those of us who oppose a 2nd referendum have had no other choice than to grudgingly accept it was adopted as policy at Labour Conference to have it as an option on the table, to be considered as a very last resort. However, Labour MPs like Tom Watson Jess Phillips and Emily Thornberry are now stating unequivocally that it is Labour policy to implement a 2nd referendum regardless of what happens, in all circumstances, whether its on a deal that's more in keeping with Labour's priorities, or even a Labour negotiated deal in the future. This is not what was agreed at Conference and we reject this position entirely, especially as all these MPs keep citing us the members, as being fully supportive of their stance. They also state what options they believe should be on such a ballot, as if this is Labour position. 

Today Rebecca Long-Bailey and Jeremy Corbyn correctly interpreted Labour policy on a 2nd referendum policy as a very last resort which may not be necessary, so to have this undermined by Tom Watson only hours later, makes Labour look divided and is an attempt to make it seem that the members are not being listened to by the leadership, which is not true.

We want Labour MPs to stop spinning Labour's Brexit policy to suit their own agendas.