Give Mr. and Mrs. Krush OUR LulaRoe back!

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Mr. and Mrs. Krush have built a community through their sales of LulaRoe.  They are great at selling the product.  More than being great sellers of LulaRoe, they pray with and for their customers.  The Krush family treat us customers like personal friends, rather than customers.  For someone to call the Corporate offices of LulaRoe and voice a complaint or concern in any form or fashion is absolutely despicable!!!!  I am currently out of work, and when I couldn't shop with the Krush's I continued to watch their live videos.  Why?  Because everyone on the live feed treats each other like family.  Because Mr. and Mrs. Krush took a moment out of their lives to pray for me on my job situation.  I would encourage each and every person who shops with Mr. and Mrs. Krush to keep your LLR money in your wallet until the Krush's are reinstated and made whole by LulaRoe Corporate.  And, to the haters - God is good and he will take care of his children!  Rather than utilizing your time to destroy the lives of people who work diligently to bring the VERY BEST customer service to their community, simply use your time to build and grow your business.  So, to you the Corporate Offices of LuluRoe - we ask that you reconsider your decision to suspend Mr. and Mrs. Krush's account.  Our money matters, just as our relations matter!

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