Request for Ankama to focus more on Krosmaster

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Dear Krosmaster players:

Krosmaster community has felt quite discriminated by Ankama since a long time ago, either with the little relevance that they are given in the global directives of all the Ankama products or the little information that all of us can read inside the Gamakna (That, even having a section sometimes, it is just content to fill the online magazine).

2018 have been announced as a promising year with new contents to the game. However, we didn't t see live broadcast as Krosmaga talking about the subject, we didn't see as well any forecast of promotional figures to enhance the tournaments (since more than a year) , we know nothing apart from a S6 and the future version of the basic box.
Due to all of this, we would like to ask directly to the company (Ankama) for:

  • 1) Greater communication with the community:

We are aware that Dewit and Huun are doing all they can do to catch up this goal, but we consider that the information that they are giving us is insufficient, and in some cases just something trivial.

  •  2) More Products:

In a fateful year the staff from Krosmaster moved from Vietnam to China, with the promise of greater quality in their products and more.
Not only the figures of the seasons have been halved, the number of extra products reaching the market are also been reduced. For example, last year we only had S5, OVA Pack, a unique new tournament kit (in addition to Maskemane's two masks, which are difficult to get in itself) and two promotional figures that are just copies of existing figures woth tiny differences.
In 2018 it is estimated Boufbowl (That in reality is an independent product to coordinate with Krosmaster for its greater sale), S6, apparently some type of linked product for the tournaments and a basic box. Sincerely it is alarming this limited quantity of products throughout the year (no, painted red pedestals delivered like they were super prizes is not exactly what we want).

  • 3) To promote the forums:

Part of the forums related with Krosmaster are empty or filled with spam and this is because they do not have someone like Dewit.
What do we mean by this? the CCMs supposedly in charge of these communities are not boosting the activity of the players. The mini spoilers of Dewit or some relevant posts like Krosmaster in 2018 are left in the French or English forum only. Instead, we usually receive cheap excuses for the deficient performance of the organization or a large amount of "information" irrelevant to Krosmaster.

  • 4) EVENTS:

Something that made Ankama very popular was its incursion into physical events throughout Europe and America, practically they created a precedent for other more famous companies to do the same. Nowadays, instead of continuing to promote this, which was one of the reasons for which thousands of fans got hooked with their games, they decided to discard it and ignore the requests of the fans (At least if you are not going to do this kind of thing, say it clearly and give us reasons, one of Ankama's faults is that meaningless secrecy which it exhausts a lot to its players).
On the other hand, some time ago in the French community, there were events such as creating the story of a Krosmaster or drawing Lilotte. What happened with these events? Why were they never taken to other communities? They were very interesting things and yet they were not strengthened, currently, the only event that still stands is the creation of the World Championship map, even though we believe that it is not enough.

  • 5) Support to the referees in the community:

It is said that there is a private forum for referees in which certain issues are discussed in relation to Krosmaster. Unfortunately, this access has been denied to certain communities and their higher level referees.

  • 6) Support for fan pages:

Gamakna promised a greater interaction with the fan pages and, except for bringing us the letters of Jalabol (which was a nice detail since it was taken into account to many fan pages) we have not seen an improvement on this issue.

  • 7) Delays:

We already know that it is difficult to bring a product on time but it is incredible this is being happening during the last 5 years. All the products have been delayed, either physically or online.

  • 8)Please, do not repeat the disaster of Krosmaster 3D:

Thanks to the information you gave on the subject we understand that the biggest problem of Krosmaster 3D was suffering was its financing system (Although the fact of leaving it abandoned for almost a year to get with Krosmaga did not help too much) since the players paid for the physical figures and not for the online, we still believe that there were ways to encourage other types of payments, such as the idea of new skins, that for some reason we only saw that Quest's pink Tofu and Gobball.

We just want a better forecast for the Krosmaster 2D release, we really do not know much about the project (We do not know if it will be the old 2D Krosmaster updated or if it will be something totally new, and it's a pity).We think it could be a good live broadcast and it would resolve the doubts of the fans, AS YOU ARE DOING IN KROSMAGA. We hope that this situation does not happen again.

  • 9) A proof of affection for the community:

It is very nice to decorate the Ankama stages with the krosmaster figures, they are really beautiful. However, that is a empty expectation if you only talk about "that new board game that Ankama is going to take" or put it in a Streaming that does not deal in no moment of Krosmaster.

  • 10) Do not let Krosmaster die:

At the same time we atarted to worry to worry about the content of the game, which decreases year after year and the dates of the delays are greater, we know that you are always telling us that the game will improve year after year and the next year will be the " Year of Krosmaster" ( Although ironically in 2018 this has not been said) but the reality is that it feels more and more like an abandoned project. Krosmaster is a great game that has practically no competitor, do not let it become a warm memory.


Even with all these negative points, not everything is bad and we want to comment what are they taken into account:

- The members of Gamakna have made a great effort to bring us information about Krosmaster as we ask, although it is not what we hope we appreciate it.

-Huun is offering devlogs explaining things about the game and its goal, these are quite interesting for the competitive environment.

- Dewit brings us from time to time small details of the development (although a little more detail would be appreciated, sometimes it remains ambiguous).

All this helps us to achieve, little by little, our goal, but we believe that even with this they need to reach the points we mentioned before .

We want to give special thanks to Dom Lescart, Thomas Choux, Ãdouard Guiton, "Zuart", Nicolas Degouy, Nicola Saviori, DOUD, Huun and Dewit for their great effort to keep the game still standing and their perseverance during these six years, we also express our gratitude to all the communities that have managed to keep the game and its players with a healthy and fun community after a GREAT effort from their volunteers and FanPages.

Thank you very much to you all of you for you time reading this. We think that working together we will be able to take Krosmaster to a radiant future.

See you in the Outerworld.