Do NOT rename Heinz Salad Cream to Sandwich Cream

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Salad Cream has been a staple condiment at the British table for years.  First available in 1914, but really found its footing during the second world war when tomato ketchup became very hard to come by.  Although things started to change in the 1960's when Hellman's brought mayonnaise to the British public.

It has a distinct Marmite(tm) quality about it - people either love it or loathe it, and some can be quite snobbish about it.

Love it, loathe it or think it beneath you, it is and has always been Salad Cream.  It has seen many imitations from the likes of Crosse and Blackwell, supermarket own brands and those little sachets you get in restaurants - none come close to the original.

It is true that it isn't only used on salads.  Sandwiches (where it can be the ONLY filling), chips (that's fries to any Americans), jacket/baked potatoes, and new potatoes are some of its most popular administrations.  But it can and has been used on roast meals and fried breakfasts too!

It survived being dropped by Heinz in 1999 after a massive outcry from the British public, several celebrities, and even the government.

So why now change its name?

Kraft Heinz claims it is because only 14% of people use it on a salad.  I haven't seen the survey results, nor have I seen the proportion that mentions sandwiches, although I expect many salad sandwiches form part of that group. 

Salad Cream is an iconic British condiment, it SHOULD NOT be renamed.

Finally, renaming Salad Cream to Sandwich Cream could lead to confusion as Heinz also sells "Sandwich Spread" which is very similar to Salad Cream with added cabbage carrot, onion, gherkin, red pepper and a herb extract (containing celery).