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The Kimberley College community demands that the current board of directors resign from their positions, effective immediately, for the following reasons;

- The community has lost faith in the ability of the current directors to govern the College with due consideration for the students attending Kimberley College. 

- The board has not considered the parents at the College in relation to the current situation, choosing to inform the Courier Mail of significant decisions before the parents. 

- The board has not sought the opinion of the parents at the College in relation to who they feel is best suited to lead the College, removing Mr Thomson and subsequently appointing a consultant in his position (at least for the interim).  

- Each board member holds a significant financial conflict of interest with the College. 

- Students have reported that they have been threatened that "change" is coming to the school next week. 

- Students have been told that there are classroom changes being made next week. 

This is not what parents or students want!

We, the College parents, demand a say in the future of the College. This is not going to occur under the current board and we demand their resignation immediately.