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Stop the devaluation of French Bulldogs!

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As broadcasted on This Morning, French Bulldogs are set to become "the UK's most popular breed" 

Thousands and thousands of amateur breeders are jumping on the band wagon. Myself included! When I made the decision to do so, I had only one aim. The create, own and love 5 generations of amazing dogs in perfect health that are CMR1, HUU, HC, DM & JHC clear. Created only from dogs with great temperaments. For no other reason than creating a brighter and prolonged future for something I am so passionate about, by breeding out hereditary conditions that cause pain, discomfort and sadly - short lives. If only this could be done by just one person... 

The cost of this group of test ranges from 140-200GBP. 

The amount of owners I have met, who have purchased a puppy under the impression it is free from all of these risks, is uncountable. 

We want these tests making compulsory. Compulsory that any dogs you plan to mate must be tested prior to mating. 

If either Sire or Dam is a carrier, the puppies must be tested at the breeders expense and proof provided to the new potential owner upon purchase.


From the thousands and thousands you people are making from fad breeding, it's a small price to pay. Let's face It, if you can't be honest enough to declare an unrecognised colour upon registration, you aren't going to perform these tests just because it's the right thing to do. 

Come on Kennel Club, what will you lose? A couple of registration fees? You have a code of ethics, I am sure false representation is under there. Do you care enough to suffice? 

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