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Abolish The Kennel Club, Create an organisation dedicated to dog welfare

Pedigree dogs are being inbred and selective bred to acquire desired looks despite obvious defects caused by these looks. For example a curly tail is desired but is caused by a massive curvature of the spine, A flat face with lots of wrinkles is desired in Pugs and Bulldogs but this causes skin infections in the rolls and the flat faces cause small or blocked air passages equivalent in a human to a constant asthma attack. In extreme cases the dogs have to sleep sitting up as dropping the head will suffocate the dog.

These are just a couple of cases highlighted in 'Pedigree Dogs Exposed, 3 Years On' (BBC) but there are many more cases in nearly all pedigree breeds that are ignored by breeders because of the high demand for absolute pedigree dogs with a massive financial gain. Although many of 'The Kennel Club' members enforcing the law of healthy breeding are making SLIGHT suggestions to help these changes, these are not enough. Many of these people are breeders themselves or are put under pressure by high-profile wealthy breeders to let them continue heightening these deformities to 'look more desirable' and win shows, increasing the dogs ‘breeding value’.

It seems that the show winning dogs seem to be the most deformed and diseased, but by winning shows there is a massive demand for these winners to mother or stud as many litters as possible spreading the problem further. Please help us stop this blatant animal rights breach that is forcing these dogs to suffer.

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