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Screening and treatment of idols for depression and other mental disorders

Idols are pushed hard everyday, and are rarely get the actual attention they need for their both their physical and mental health. But it seems most companies only care about their idols physical being.
As their fans, we should stand up for them, and push their managers to take better care of them mentally, and I'm not talking about sitting with the idols and "listening" to them. I'm talking about doctors who specialize in mental disorders treating them.
We don't know how long our idols can last under all the pressures of being in the spot light, but they can't last forever. Suicide has been a taboo topic in K-pop for many years, and it will remain taboo. I don't know about you, but I don't want the idols I love to become part of that taboo because their feelings have been pushed aside. Do you?

Letter to
The K-pop Industry
Please consider helping your idols and trainees with their mental status. Mental health is as important as physical health, and if you want them to be happy please consider this. Depression is a horrible disease, and many people suffer from it. It doesn't cost much to get them screened and we all know you have more than enough money to spare. So please, save them.

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