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Change the way people are being sentenced

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This is just one issue that I can NOT seem to stop thinking about, There are many people that end up in prison, I agree that they should be there, if you do the crime, you have to do the time, What I do NOT understand is WHY is it legal for judges to have a sentence that can range from 5 years to 99 years, This is just not right, there needs to be a set amount of time for everything, I DO NOT believe that it is right for 2 people with the exact same charge, neither one of them have a criminal record, to get different time to serve, just say that one man 18 years old has a Agg. Robbery charge, No bad back ground , No criminal record(nothing just a solid good kid) he get 25 years for his charge, then another person the same way, never in any trouble ever... & he gets 5 years, for the same charge!!! HOW IS THIS JUSTICE!!! Its so very unfair ... this needs to change!! every charge should have a certain amount of time NOT a range of time, that is up to the judge!! THIS IS CRUEL, and gives the judge to much lead way to play with peoples lives! ALOT of judges are unfair..... ALOT ... there should be only a certain amount of time some one can get .... NOT a range so BIG ... 5-99 is alot to leave up to a judge!!! & yes they do have bad days too, they are human BUT why do we leave it open for them to choose the time for people to serve.... I've seen a man rob a store, for food.... NO gun, Just wanting to feed his 3 kids, he got 20 years, NO one was hurt... I heard of a man that rape and beat a 7 year old little girl, he got only 15 years ... I mean what is wrong with this picture??? Is this Justice??? NO its NOT!!! this needs to change!!!

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