Will must remove his lime shower gel from the shower after use!!!

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Imagine walking into the shower with your shampoo, conditioner and shower gel in hand, grappling to keep hold of them all without one clattering to the floor.

You enter the shower room, such relief as you can finally put the bottles down on the shelves in the shower.

But alas... There stands... A bottle of original source lime shower gel.

With only enough space for your shampoo and conditioner on the shelves, you tragically place your remaining shower gel bottle on the shower floor.

I put up with this for weeks, and then I began to ask myself: why WILL'S shower gel? Why should HIS get to remain off the gross shower floor? Why is HIS allowed to take precedence over mine whilst I'm the one in the shower and he sits in his room playing with his fantasy football team? Why HIM?

I now know that I don't have to put up with this, his lime original source gel is no more important than my tea tree and mint, and no more important than your shower gels either.

So this is a plea to you all to sign this petition, and band together against Will Cunningham's unfair monopoly of the shower shelves.

And a plea to Will to listen to his floor mates and TAKE HIS SHOWER GEL WITH HIM WHEN HE LEAVES THE SHOWER.


Please sign.

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