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"If we keep doing what we've done, we're gonna keep gettin' what we've got."

Arizona is one of the lowest ranked states when it comes to Education.  Felicia Chew is working to change this.  However, establishment politicians are trying to knock Felicia Chew off of the ballot.  Use your signature, your voice, to show that it is time to make a change: It is time to address the root causes of problems in our Education System through policies and budget; it is time to elect non-politicians to seats.  It is time to address policies that keep the Establishment in Power.  It is time to end the "political games" and bureaucracy.  It is time to allow individuals who are doing the real work in the community, and for the community to hold elected seats.


Felicia Chew is seeking a seat on the Amphitheater School Governing Board.  In order to be elected, candidates must first collect a minimum number of required signatures to be on the ballot.

Felicia collected more than the required number of signatures; however, one of her opponents filed a complaint against Felicia's signatures, in an attempt to remove her name from the ballot.

Felicia is a single mother, with a busy schedule -- working as a substitute teacher in order to support teachers and give them peace of mind when they have to be away from their classroom; working as an environmental education presenter in order to share with our youth about the importance of developing and practicing sustainable habits; working with her small business to Help End Systemic Domestic Violence.

Felicia believes in helping others learn to help themselves.  She provides crisis intervention services, connections to resources, and works to empower victims and survivors of crime.

Felicia believes in empowering the community.  Felicia is currently working on Saving Golden Pin Lanes, a community bowling center on West Miracle Mile Road in Tucson, Arizona (more info at in order to have healthy opportunities for building positive relationships, therefore reducing crime.

Felicia believes that alternative methods for reaching the intended goal are necessary for equal opportunities and equity for all community members

Education is the key to making change.  As a public and private school teacher and employee for over 25 years, with a focus in alternative education, and strategies for helping all students succeed, Felicia is the right choice for being a member of the Amphitheater Public Schools Governing Board.

However, Felicia cannot do that if her name is knocked off of the ballot... If you also believe that it is time for a change, please sign and share this petition.


From Felicia's Blog at

August 22 Update – A Message From Felicia Chew in response to the complaint filed regarding Ms. Chew’s nomination petition signatures for a seat on the Amphitheater Public School Board

Hello Friends,

I received a phone call yesterday from the Pima County Superintendent’s Office that in accordance with ARS 16-351, action against my nomination petition signatures has been filed, and I will be receiving a summons. The complaint was filed by one of my opponents.

While I am disappointed to have this action filed against me, I am not surprised.  These are the tactics that “politicians” use to “win” elections.  Many “politicians” see “winning” elected seats as a game.

In fact, a friend of mine asked me if I was going to file a countersuit.  My response: No.  I am not going to file a countersuit, because I am not playing a “game.”

These attempts at games are precisely why I am seeking a seat on the School Board – I am seeking a seat on the Board to update outdated policies that allow practices that distract and waste money.

I am including some information below regarding the situation, and I will write another update when I have more information.

As always, do not hesitate to contact me with questions, concerns, or other feedback, via the contact page on this site, email, phone/text, or Facebook.

Continuing to press on for our students and community,

❤ Felicia

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