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Petition for leniency in sentencing regarding the State of Colorado vs Nicholas Beckwith

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Petition for leniency in sentencing regarding the State of Colorado vs Nicholas Beckwith; case number 2017CR119. The night of March 17th ended in the subsequent arrest of Mr. Beckwith on March 18th the same evening. He went to a bar upon request of his girlfriend at the time of the incident. After a disagreement between himself and his girlfriend he decided it was best to leave the bar and walk home. Upon exiting the bar his girlfriend became combative; verbally assaulting and shoving Mr. Beckwith. He shoved her away from him while still trying to leave the situation. After this a group of men decided to intervene. The men started to physically assault Mr. Beckwith and seeing himself outnumbered he feared for his life. At this time, he chose to defend himself which has resulted in the charges and his subsequent incarceration. He understands he can go to trial and defend his innocence due to self-defense and possibly face 40+ years if found guilty. He feels however that it is in his best interest to take the plea agreement of 2-6 years because regardless of self-defense his feels a responsibility to his actions and putting himself in the situation. Before this incident Mr. Beckwith volunteered at a battered women’s shelter in Indiana teaching him humility and a sense of betterment of himself in being able to give back to the community. He then left Indiana and moved to Colorado to make a fresh start of his life. He had high hopes of living a productive and respectable life. He found a job very shortly after moving as a welder. He worked incredibly hard at his job and took immense pride in his work. He only wishes to rejoin society and live a life free of incident. Since being incarcerated Mr. Beckwith has been receiving medication to help with his issues of mental stability. It is Mr. Beckwith’s hope to rejoin society, find gainful employment, seek counseling for both mental health issues and the subsequent self-medication issues regarding alcohol. He wishes to continue his medication as he feels it makes him a more stable and clear minded individual. He also would like to seek outpatient treatment for alcoholism where he can grow and learn from like-minded individuals who value their sobriety. He understands he must first atone for the night in question but he’s asking for leniency regarding sentencing so that he may get out and work every day towards only putting good into the world around him. Thank you.

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