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Cancel School Tomorrow

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It is a well known fact that JEC/RTMA/Bruriah system is not merely a community school, but attracts students from various cities around New York and New Jersey, some farther from school than others. Therefore, in order for the JEC to thrive, the needs of the commuters must be taken into account. Furthermore, there is a clear and present danger for many students, who attend all JEC schools in getting there, due to the excessive snow. Why is it, then, that despite the fact that 2 major communities have no means of transportation, the administration insists on having a day of school?!? Why should 2 communities be put at an immense disadvantage and have to suffer from the loss of not being able to participate in 2 days of class?? Tests will be missed, classes will be missed, experiences will be lost. In addition, locals, will have to walk to school in extreme conditions. All that is being asked is that the JEC administration takes in to consideration the safety of the children in which they hold so dear. Don't let students miss out on the incredible experiences in which you provide for them. Thank you.

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