petizione contro la barbarica caccia del lampredotto animale in via di estinzione

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The Lampredotto has always inhabited the wilder parts of central Italy. It was revered worshiped by the Etruscans who thought that's droppings,when dreid, were the modern equivilant of Choco Pops, as a pre Roman Empire breakfast cereal they were second to none. But the meat was not considered suitable for the Etrucan Table. The Romans fed it to their slaves. 

During WW2 it was a favourite meal for the Italian Partisans who were busy fighting against Mussolini. To celebrate their Partisan heroes communists and left wing radical chic have now estbalished Roast Lampredotto as the main course at every political rally and knees up. 

Although in 1982 when Italy won the world cup the Lampredotto was making a come back due to everyone sitting around and watch th football on TV, since everyone in Florence is bascially out of work, they spend most of their time eating baby Lampredotto and Red Bull .. their numbers have declined dramatically.