Compensate and replace the trees destroyed by the military on the Nasser Family land

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Update on the destruction of the orchards at Tent of Nations

Here is an update about the Tent of Nations ( since the recent destruction of trees by the Israeli military. You can watch a video about the destruction here ( Please do share the story with friends, ask them to sign the petition and send the Nassar family a message of support on twitter, facebook or via Update: The petition now has over 4500 signatures, but you can still add your name to it. Media Coverage - In the past few weeks there has been a huge amount of discussion about the Tent of Nations online and the story has also been picked up by the media. Here are a few articles recently published: •The BBC featured Tent of Nations in an article •The Israeli Newspaper Haaretz published an article •An article in +972 Magazine Parliament - Thanks to those of you who have signed the petition or written to your MP. So far 3 parliamentary questions have been asked about the Tent of Nations by Caroline Lucas, Baroness Tonge and Roger Godsiff. So far the responses from the foreign office to the parliamentary questions have been vague, so it would be good to press them further. Contact details for politicans are on and the most relevant ministers to contact are: •Hugh Robertson MP has recently visited Israel & the Palestinian territories (see his twitter feed and here He is the minister responsible for the Middle East and responded to the parliamentary question by Caroline Lucas •Baroness Warsi who responded to the parliamentary question by Baroness Tonge and is responsible for foreign office matters in the House of Lords. •You could contact the British Consul in Jerusalem (contact details here ) and ask them to make a visit to the Tent of Nations to witness the destruction and speak with the Nassar family.

Shakeel Meer
7 years ago