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Hire Anwar Arafat as acting imam

Masjid Alnoor has been without an imam since June 2011, almost 6 months without leadership or basic regular activites in the masjid. We, the concerned Musalleen would like this to be done, since the brother fits the bill, and has vision to lead the congregation to better things.

To Whom It May Concern,
This petition has been drafted by the Musalleen at Noor Masjid in order to appoint Br. Anwar Arafat as an acting Imam in the absence of an Imam to the Masjid.
Since Br. Sheikh Ali left Noor Masjid as in Imam about a month ago, there wasn’t an Imam appointed to lead the daily prayer or Friday Khutba/prayer. Br. Anwar Arafat was asked to prepare and deliver the Friday Khutba as well as lead the daily prayer if he’s present in the Masjid.
The Musalleen at Noor Masjid have looked things over as to what the community needs in terms of having an acting Imam/Leader to address the Muslim community concerns/issues as well as represent us to the Non-Muslim community. They have concluded that the Masjid is in dire need to have an Imam and a leader to address the many challenges that the community is going through at this time and age. There is a need for an eloquent and well versed person to connect with the Muslim and Non-Muslim community. A person who not only leads the prayer with a beautiful voice, but who also knows the community and knows how to lead projects and activities at all levels.
The concerned Musalleen are proposing to appoint/hire Br. Anwar Arafat as the appropriate person capable to be the Imam/leader of this community organization.
Br. Anwar Arafat is fluent in both Arabic and English languages. He possesses a bachelor degree from the University of Utah where he served as the MSA president and leader. Br. Anwar had the privilege to live in Gaza Strip during his teenage years where he attended Quranic Memorization (Tahfiz Al Quran) for about seven (7) years. The last two (2) of which he taught Tahfiz to groups of kids. Br. Anwar applies the rules of Tajweed during Quranic recitation.
Since 2003, he ran the Sunday school program at Noor Masjid and he also lead the Summer Camp for the past three (3) years. In addition to being the home teacher for the 4th graders at Iqra Academy for one (1) semester, Br. Anwar had attended an intensive program at Al Furqaan Islamic Institute in Kuwait for about 3 months where he learned Tafseer, Aqeeda, Usool, and Fiqh. Br. Anwar is very well known and respected by the Muslim and Non-Muslim community as he continues to deliver the Friday sermons and lead the Taraweeh prayer during the month of Ramadan.
The concerned Musalleen at Noor Masjid along with the community members sees Br. Anwar as the right fit who is qualified to be the acting imam and a leader to take the community to the next level of challenges and representation within the different Salt Lake religious communities and activities. For this reason, the persons signing below affirm their approval to appoint/hire Br. Anwar as the acting imam of Noor Masjid.

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