Cancelling fixed recess locations

Cancelling fixed recess locations

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Started by Xin L

Secondary students have been forced to head to a specific location every recess, despite sometimes being in the complete opposite direction of their next class.

For example, a student has their 2nd block on A5, and their 3rd on A6. However, their designated recess location is in Charles Kao Square, forcing them to walk 11 flights of stairs only for 10-20 minutes of recess.

Sometimes, the classroom of your next block is far away from your recess location, which sometimes causes you to be late for class. To prevent it, students have to rush from their recess location to their classroom in a hurry, which defeats the purpose of a recess of allowing students to relax.

Some students also find specific locations in school a better recess location than their current designated one, whether they have friends from different grades there, or it is just plainly more enjoyable to be there.

We know that student safety is important, and they mustn't be in unsafe places during recess. But at least, give us a range of locations to choose from that doesn't make students walk too much, to or from classes, and still have an enjoyable and relaxing recess.

28 have signed. Let’s get to 50!