To Shut down the national broadcasting company in The Republic off Ireland know as RTE.

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The establishment that is know as RTE, which is the Irish National Broadcaster, has to GO. They are as currupt as the Irish government themselves.

They try to Brainwash the minds of the Irish public on a daily basis. They have gone to far with their latest stunt in which they literally, cut out the six counties that are unfortunately but still are currently ruled by the British. But in all off the people of Irelands eyes, those six counties remain to be part of Ireland, and so they will be for rest off the history of this beautiful country we call Ireland.

That issue is just the tip off the iceberg to be fair. They have thrown many important issues under the carpet. When they had the chance, and the control to actually make a diffrence in some very importand issues. One of those issuse was the chuch scandle off just last year. They helped the chuch cover up their track's which is obviousy a very sick/sad thing to do. They also want to double the fee for the television licence. With the introduction of charging for your personal held devices. Listing just a small few.

They are an age old organisation that the future of Ireland can really do without as tge country tries to go forward. They are a dying brand, so lets just put the final nail in the coffin. Their broadcasters are way over paid & what they feed to the public is nothing more than ridiculous.

If you care about the minds off the future off Ireland and you dont want this dictatorship to poison the values the country has and needs to build on then sign this petition.

Ireland needs to go forward and not backwards, you can make the differnce for the future not them so do your part. Lets Use the best off todays technology with social media & lets make a differnce.

Like, share & sign & watch the little game they are playing crumble.

One Hundred thousand signatures will get the message accross to them. That we dont want or need them controlling the population's conscious mindsets.