Name a street in Dublin Ireland after Frederick Douglass

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Why the American Fredrerick Douglass ? and why Dublin. Frederick Douglass came to Ireland( Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Belfast) in 1845. He informed the Irish people of the full horror of slavery and was shocked by the circumstaces of the Irish People (The Great Famine). In Ireland he found a new avenue for self-expression that he had never been afforded in the U.S. He began to view his fight against slavery as belonging to, a larger, global struggle against all social injustices. This was a view shared by the Liberater (Daniel O' Connell). O' Connell had no time for slavery and always asked white Americans if they were slaveholders before he offered his hand in friendship. Douglass discribed him as a mentor and inspiration. He said 'O'Connell's voice had made American slavery shake to its centre'


Douglass saw kinship between black slaves and the poorest of the Irish Catholics "These people lacked only a black skin and wooly hair to complete their likeness to the plantation negro".

Frederick Douglass superior  intellect and the  bleak picture of slavery that he painted won  the heart of the People. Although there is a monument in Cork and a blue plaque in Waterford, a street renamed in Dublin would make a fitting tribute.