Urge the Government to Adopt a Plastic Tax

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#icantstandplastic is a movement run by young people who want to protect the future of the planet by disincentivising the use of plastic in Ireland and around the world. In 2002, Ireland became the first country to introduce a fee on plastic carrier bags. As a result of the 15 cent fee (raised to 22 cent in 2007), annual bag usage dropped from almost 350 to 14 per person by 2012. Think of what we could do by placing a tax on all plastic products.

Too long have big corporations promised changes. For example, Tesco promised last year that they would stop using unnecessary plastic that cannot be recycled by 2019, but have they fulfilled these promises? The private sector won’t make changes that are going to sacrifice their profits, we need to hold the state accountable for their inaction on climate change and pollution and put pressure on the government to force companies to the make the change