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Given the Catholic Church’s immense wealth, the petitioners below believe that Ireland should limit the income supporting this institution. A small tax on funds donated to the Catholic Church would bring in a portion of the money needed to tackle our current debt during this economic crisis. The Irish people’s generosity has strengthened the Catholic Church, helping to make it what it is today; it’s time for the Church to do the same by lending assistance in our time of need. Similar taxes exist in  Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Sweden, some parts of Switzerland and several other countries.

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Tax the Catholic Church

Ireland has donated much wealth to the development of the Catholic Church. The Vatican alone is worth trillions that was donated from Catholics around the world. The petitioners below believe that the Vatican has enough wealth as it is and that Ireland does not need to pay as much as it does today to fund this institution. A small tax on the funds donated to the Catholic Church would see them help our debt and economic crisis as we helped them during their time of need. We, the subscribers, believe they have a duty to help our situation through this simple tax. A similar tax exists in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Sweden, some parts of Switzerland and several other countries.


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