Expel American, UAE, Saudi Arabian and Israeli Diplomats from Ireland

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In the aftermath of the unfortunate news that the Irish Government has acted against our neutrality I call upon all Irish citizens to sign this petition. The Irish Government has expelled a Russian diplomat based on no factual basis but in solidarity with the UK. Putting in jeopardy over €600 million worth of trade with Russia in (2014). 

If the Government sees fit to act in such a way as to disregard our neutrality, I would call upon the Irish Government to ban American diplomats since nearly 3 million US troops passed through Shannon Airport since 2001. On their way to fight in an illegal war which ultimately led to the massacre of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians. 

To expel UAE and Saudi Arabian diplomats for their war crimes in Yemen, where 130 children die every day due to hunger and disease. 

To expel apartheid-state Israeli diplomats for their continued occupation of Palestinian land, breaching numerous human rights violations every day. 

Finally on to the UK, their collusion with a unionist paramilitary group led to the death of 33 civilians in the Dublin and Monoghan bombings. We thus decide it best to act in solidarity with them? When they still have not apologized for this massacre? 

I call for the Irish Government to reverse their decision that has forfeited our neutrality. Apologize to Russia on behalf of an immature decision with no evidence to back it up. Éamon de Valera did not buckle under pressure of the Allied Powers in World War II and we cannot sacrifice our neutrality in 2018.  

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