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Remove the W in Iowa

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The W in the word lowa is completely unnecessary. loa can be pronounced the same as lowa, so why not change it? (Yes, the A can also be silent, but this is the English language, and most things can, and are, pronounced multiple ways.) Anyway, removing the W would save a bit of money. Think about it! That money, that used to go to supplying enough ink to print an unnecessary W countless of times each day, can now go to much more useful causes, like the military, and Trump's golf trips! It would also increase efficiency, saving valuable time in writing and typing. In cases where people have to write as fast as they can, such as taking notes on lectures and debates, removing the W could make a huge difference, as the writer can continue to focus instead of having to spend time writing the W and possibly missing something essential. Even more important than the money and time, however, is that loa is a much more appealing-looking name than Iowa. The w is completely out of place among those vowels, and serves to create a thoroughly unpleasant appearance. If the name of the state looks more pleasing to the eye, people are more likely to move there, further condensing the population so that everyone will be in one place, and it'll be nice and easy for the government to eventually round everyone up and convert to a nice, healthy communist lifestyle.

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