Stop the 5G rollout worldwide

Stop the 5G rollout worldwide

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Joel Surname started this petition to The World Health Organisation and
  1. Why do I write this?
  2. Arguments and explanations elaborating further thereupon.
  3. Why can 5G be dangerous for humans and the planet we live on?
  4. Slow onset of symptoms and "slow poison"
  5. It is a relatively new technology, like X Rays were over 50 years ago.
  6. Who can sign? Which organisations can be involved?
  7. This is an international petitition. You are welcome to add any organisation that may have a realistic chance of succeeding at this endeavour.


1. 5G has killed trees. Many people said that 5G is indeed dangerous. We are not sure whether 4G damages your body, but trust me 5G will cut through your body almost as if it is a laser. My argument is not based on speculation but on health safeguards. We did not know whether X-Rays were dangerous or not. These days we do. Therefore, we must eliminate all technological threats that might be too dangerous for regular usage if it exceeds certain amounts of usage in terms of radiation and the combined frequency response. Even WiFi might be dangerous. 

2. The lobbyists for "all wireless" are pushing the human-cyborg evolution. Though, this is merely my speculation, it seems to be the case, look at all technological advancements and the dependance on technology these days.

3. Now, once again, 5G might be like X-rays. It was shown that it can damage trees. Even WiFi can do this.

Let's see how many votes we can get against this potential health hazard.

Elaboration: 5G has killed trees. 5G has killed bees. It is a potential health hazard. The risks do not weigh up to the benefits.

Further elaboration: Why do you need 5G when our internet at home is really fast? Now with the coronavirus all around us we have no reason to use our phone all day when we are from home.

Suggestions against human rights violation: You can play "games" with the frequency of a WiFi output signal. Use this to your advantage. The Chinese want to enforce this upon us so it's time we pay them back for their "kindness".

4. Final thing I ask of you: Do your own research about 5G and draw your conclusions. Then either sign the petition or not. Also read about the history of X Rays. The slow onset of symptoms caused people to think that it was either not caused by the X Rays or was not dangerous entirely.

5. Slow symptoms in health hazards cause people to think that it's nothing. If it's not a ballistic piece of 100db firecracker it's likely that it can be a health hazard. Use anti-frequency spiking "tricks" is all I ask of you for this task if you cannot get the World Health Organisation to stop this. This involves using technology to make the 5G mast weaker. You can use your router settings and possibly hack the 5G mast with your router. I wish all of you luck.

6. Last words: This is an international petition for all World Health Organisations and Technology Inspection Organisations. You are welcome to sign wherever you live.

7. Why do I say this? If your country does not prohibit 5G you can always emigrate.

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At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!