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Make the Narcolympics a reality - bring drugs into the sport mainstream!

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In recent years the Olympics (and other sports events) have become incredibly strict on drug-taking. Obviously it is good and proper that they should encourage a level playing field, but I believe that in the interest of balance (and public interest) they should run simultaneous events where the competitors can take whatever drugs they like. You could call it the Narcolympics.

Anyone with an ounce of brain knows that the 'war on drugs' was lost before it was even begun, so it's high time they were accepted in the mainstream, and this could be a crucial part of that process. Drugs have been used throughout the ages to enhance physical and mental activities, let's show them in their best light, and stop demonising drug use by pushing an unrealistic and hypocritical agenda.

Going for (Acapulco) Gold with the Narcolympics, join our winning team - sign the petition now!

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