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Wrestlers, their families, and fans know the discipline and values of hard work that Wrestling teaches. Without inclusion in the Olympiad, how can a young Wrestler dream of the Gold and reaching the heights of the Wrestling greats like Sanderson & Gable, and even Karelin or Beloglazov. As a lifelong wrestler, I know that's what I aspired to as a kid.

This decision by the IOC Executive Board will do much damage to the sport, and to the Olympic Games. Lets ensure that the world's oldest and greatest sport is included in the 2020 games.

Letter to
The International Olympic Committee, Executive Board
The IOC Executive Board is tarnishing itself and the sport of Wrestling through it's decision not to include Wrestling in the 2020 games. How can the world take seriously a global sporting event that does not include the world's oldest known sport, and one of the originals from the Ancient Greek games? When the IOC Executive Board meets in May, we insist they Include Wrestling in the 2020 Olympiad.

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