Reverse VAR introduction in professional English Football . Goal Line Technology Only !!!

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VAR has been unduly enforced upon the professional game of football, of which hundreds of millions of people around the world follow passionately. 

This autocratic ring-fencing of in match decision making power is a major and concurrent threat to the very nature of the game. It removes vital power from respectably trained match officials, and presents that power to an unknown few, some of whom have already been caught `match-fixing` in game decisions for their own benefit, most notably the german Mr Hellmut Krug. 

That there may be the very sharp end of the problems VAR has caused professional football, but very few persons, if anybody at all can clearly define and provide the touted benefits of such a removed process of deciding key factors within the game. This alongside the many lies that have been told, the squiggly offside lines that were attempted to be sold to the public and media, and the complete and utter confusion that all stakeholders of the `beautiful game` have suffered. 

Promises made of VAR only impacting upon so called "key" decisions, and that the football game that has been around throughout history for approaching 200 years is in dire need of such reforms, has by any standards been shown to be pure fantasy at best. At worst, it will expose itself as institutionalised corruption and fraud.

It could all be a genuine search for the betterment of the game, but could it all be simply `teething` problems that football fans and communities are suffering through experiencing all the various, both in severity and numeracy, negative issues that are currently playing out during matches. For sure, football did not need this VAR introduction, as football has survived century without this sustained intensity of manufactured problems. With controversy, yes, but football is still a game and you win some and you lose some, hence competition over sustained periods to determine the best. So why is this so called "trial period" forced through, without consultation of the fans? VAR IS CLEARLY A CORPORATE ISSUE! With billions of monetary deals, the need to control such subjective factors in the game became paramount. But I quote "football is an art, not a science", and this elimination of the beauty of the game is clear for all to see, and very painful for most if not all who follow football. 

So I implore you all to sign this petition, I plead in fact, because if we sit back passively and watch the rules being rewritten before our eyes with no input ourselves, we will only have ourselves to blame as the footballing powers that be, believe they can change the game any way they deem fit to benefit themselves, not benefitting the beautiful game itself. The only clear benefit technology has given us is Goal Line technology. So that's got to be where it ends, at least for now. If the IFAB and FIFA and/or whomever is so desperate to force through VAR, then they should set up amateur leagues and trial it there for and sustained period of years. then we can look back over a period and review and compare to the professional game. But we as the whole football community must make a measured decision on VAR, not a rushed nor a pre-ordained process of autocratic worldwide implementation. 

The IFAB have announced a meeting with the English Premier League and/or the FA in April, and I hope to be able to meet with like minded football enthusiasts, with this petition, to present to them in person the notion that Goal Line technology seems to work well, whereas VAR has failed miserably in so many respects. 

I thank you for your time and patience and interest here. I hope you sign this petition and ask all those you know who follow the football game to do so also. Thank you so so much.