Insurance companies and the Regulatory Authorities must allow treatment for Addiction

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Addiction is a treatable disorder ,just similar to Asthama, Diabetes or Hypertension. 

Many suffering from Addiction and Alcoholism are denied treatment even after having a conciderable health insurance or their work place or group Insurance do not support treatment for This disorder.

It is observed and researched world wide that the cost of burden in health care increases 300% if the addicted or an Alcoholic is left untreated initially at early stages , huge amount of  wasted time due to non attendance can be saved finally a significant drop in crime and antisocial activities will make our communities safer and the resulted reduction in demand will force the peddlers into other legal and good businesses. 

Once the suffering Addict or alcoholics start being in recovery it is found that the Responcibility and Productivity of the person is even better than an average person ,therefore the stigma attached to these people must also be removed and the community as a whole must support them in their path of recovery

Health Insurance plays a significant role in allowing access to treatment in a cashless format as most of the suffering Addict or alcoholics have lost their jobs or have suffered heavy finnancial loss due to useing or substance abuse.

At present the suffering Addict or alcoholics depend mainly upon family members to provide the treatment and support them , many do so reluctantly and some sacrifice their earnings for treatment.

To end the petition i must emphasise the rights of such persons to get treatment for this disorder and Insurance plays an important role in redusing the financial burden of the person in treatment and also of their families .

Please make this petition successful to save the suffering Addict or alcoholics and to prevent their families from destruction