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The Installation Of Metal Detectors At Any And All Entrances To Schools

We send our children off every day and into the hands of our school systems assuming they are in protective hands, and free from harm. As parents, our job first is to protect the future of our children and to provide a safe environment so we do not think twice when it comes to sending our children off to school and into the hands of authorities that we believe provide that very same protection and environment. Too many of our children are being injured or killed needlessly by outside elements entering what should be an environment of nurturing and learning. You see it on the news continuously and year after year with school shootings. When do we say enough is enough? As parents and as citizens we need to find a way to put a stop to this. We need to implement a change so our children do not have to leave the sanctuary of their homes and thrown into the unknown of what could happen in school.  Please help me make a difference and sign the petition!  I will propose to every school district that metal detectors be installed at every and all entrances to elementary and high schools.  We will bring this to the State Senate and our cries for the protection of our children will be heard!  One person cannot do this alone, but with many, anything is possible! No child or adult should be able to enter any school with any weapon whatsoever. The safety of our children is the responsibility of everyone. Please sign and support this petition.

Letter to
The CommonWealth of Massachusetts
In light of the rash of recent school shootings and senseless murders of our innocent children at establisments that are expected to be a safe environment and free from harm, the citizens of this great country respectly request a law be passed that would allow the installation of metal detectors at all entrances to schools. Aside from pupils and workers, no other person should be allowed to enter the school without first submitting themselves to a metal detector and having a valid reason to be at said school. Parents need to feel comfort in knowing their children's lives are in good hands when they leave their homes every morning and enter our schools. On behalf of all of us in the State of Massachusetts, I urge Congress to please consider our petition.

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