Petition to End Police Brutality in the Philippines

Petition to End Police Brutality in the Philippines

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Why this petition matters

Who do you call when the police murder?

— A bold but inherently astute statement directing to what’s occurring not only in the Philippines but to different nations across the globe. The police or law enforcers are given the utmost respect by society in view of the fact that the honor was given to them to protect the community against crime and injustice. Every child once dreamt of wearing a police uniform with their badge riveted on their chests ensuing that legitimate help is always provided anytime or anywhere. However, this nuance of a eutopic side of the police tarnishes once they point and shoot a gun at those who could only hold a pen. 

All this carnage and violence stems from the exploitation of the power of those in authority through the government’s war on drugs which had taken state killings to a whole new level. According to the ICC,  there’s an estimate of between 12,000 and 30,000 civilian fatalities in connection with the war on drugs. One of the victims of this murderous onsight is Kean de Los Santos, in 2017, where the public is convinced that he was murdered and not by means of self-defense which was proven by security footage that caught the incident. 

This petition is a wake-up call to the Philippine government to reinforce the justice system in handling non-isolated cases like impunity and police murder, and to the Philippine National Police to raise its standards in generating police forces to mitigate the abuse of vigor over the powerless. There’s no longer room for a hierarchy of power and with our collective effort of raising our beseeches whilst standing up for what's just, we could expect reform that everyone could benefit from. 

Who do you call when the police murder?—  the citizens. We, as a nation, hold the power that not even those in office and in authority could grasp which is unity, we can invoke change by simply signing this petition to end police brutality once and for all and to better the system persisting in the country. No matter what your status is, everybody deserves epistemic access to their basic human rights! 




10 have signed. Let’s get to 25!