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Right person for job scope of Supreme Commander Of Indias Armed forces.i.e President

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In any field , A persons experience needs to be related for the position applied.

We have had Supreme Commander of Indias Armed Forces based on personal tastes and on Whims of Politician including one who was an EX PMs Servant.

Such people embarass us Indians and we do not want to subsidise the living of people who have zero knowledge of the job scope yet occupy the seat of Indias highest Post. 

The Job Of Supreme Commander of India's Armed Forces should be held by someone from a Defence Background who can answer Military problems by being able to understand them thus enabling the security of tax payers by the selecting a President who with his expeeience can enhance our Military capabilities 

No Supreme Commander has taken up any Defence related Matters bogging the country as the ex Supreme Commanders of Indias Armed Forces had nil experience of the military , war strategies or defence related matters

Thus we Tax Payers who subsidise Parliamentarians and their families have a right to have a Supreme Commander of our Armed Forces who has experience and aptitude for the Job and not based on Sonia Gandhi or Modi or any politicians whims and fancy.

Till Date apart from the single President Abdul Kalam no other Person who has clinged to the post of Supreme Commander of our Armed Forces could differentiate between a Mortar and a Motor ; a Gueiralla and a Gorilla. No Supreme Commander has taken interest in Armed Forces Tribunal or any cases that a Supreme commander of any Armed Forces would be interested in

Let us Indians of the 21st century correct this anomaly created by the Parliamentarians only for their benefit and not for the benefit of the Armed Forces


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