The Indian Parliament should declare an environmental emergency

The Indian Parliament should declare an environmental emergency

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Dr. Nitin Varma Ph​.​D.(IIM Ranchi) started this petition to The Indian Parliament and

The Indian Parliament must make India the second country, after the UK, to declare an environmental emergency. Without any further delay!

The UK Parliament has declared a climate emergency and has thus earned respects from all over the world. Also, having declared such, the UK is now empowered - through Government agencies, private organizations and non-profits, to take actions that are in keeping with green practices.

India's cities and population are highly affected by climate and environmental degradation. We can barely forget that now our festivals and celebrations are governed by environmental considerations.  There are increasing restrictions on festivals every year - don't eat this, that food is polluted; don't do this - the air is already so polluted.  If this environmental degradation continues to pollute our food and air, very soon - even on festivals, there will be no way left to celebrate.    

Who can forget the air pollution issue that Indians are fighting up against?  Almost all of the world's most air polluted cities of the world (top 9/10) are in India.  And we haven't even measured the air quality in so many cities that are suspect! If we don't start to care about air pollution now - it is one poison no rich or poor person can escape - and of no age group or of any religion. 

Who can forget how every winter there are so many smog warnings and the sky is so hazy that winter feels so severe and unpredictable - temperatures vary along the extremes and so many people are increasingly finding it difficult to cope up.

Winters seem to be short and shifted while rains seem to pour in when they please and not during the "monsoon" season that once used to be, while summers are getting hotter and hotter making it impossible to even utilize most of the part of the day for any productive work - making activities so unproductive that people end up working extra hours and away from family.

There is disease in the neighbourhood that once upon a time was only heard of in newspaper gossip.  Each life is precious, and there is nothing that can replace any one human. With smaller families, as in India now-a-days 1 or 2 kids is the norm - it is the entire survival of families that is at stake. The entire motivation for living can be affected! There is absolutely no bandwidth or margin for error - each life is equally precious and respectable (not that if one has 10 kids there is bandwidth, each life is still as precious)!

It is time to act now - the number of patients for various diseases is exploding. Newborns are coming to life with increasing diseases and problems. India can turn UNLIVABLE - the little progress that the country has made, is being lost to environmental degradation.

Women, half of the mankind - for example, being more sensitive to environmental changes - are falling to various new types of disease and are unable to enjoy fruits of modern progress fully. What is the point of equality and education in all other senses of the word "EQUALITY"- if the environment for women is unequal? This is INEQUALITY of the highest order that God or the creator did not produce - it is men (primarily) that must shoulder this blame. Or should men let this INEQUALITY happen at all? Everyone, almost everyone - has a woman, a girl, or a lady of the house in their lives. How can we afford to let 50% of our human race suffer? No one, not in the name of progress - has the right to cause environmental changes that threaten 50% amongst humans - women! And remember - they are the ones to bring forward new life. For India to have a bright future, it is time to ACT NOW!

Climate is critical to this vast country - because India still is a farmers country. And climate has critical role for farming. Climate is critical to food production. Climate is critical to the well-being of the farmer and this country, overall. Climate is critical in any case to poverty alleviation. Less disasters are better. A less adverse climate means India will be able to feed its growing population, else remember the wheat shortage of 1965 and the famines? By becoming a leader in organic food, India can retain the farming crown and can feed the rest of the world as well - which also means healthy exports.

Huge regions of India are a straight gift from Nature - in various forms, and so many for farming. India, unfortunately, is becoming almost entirely dependent on all other far more polluting methods of economic growth - in which India is far behind the rest of the world? It is good to have a multi-pronged growth strategy through science and technology - but relying on just one or two avenues for poverty alleviation, missing out on what 70% of this country's people still living in farms can offer?

Why can't India turn these millions of farmers in those blessed regions to millions of exporters? Why "exploit" 2-5 million IT workers for exports of their IT services, for which these IT workers have to work long hours and must lead only obsolescence-endangered lives, for lack of options?

It is necessary to have alternate export revenue streams - and green (organic) farming exports can be relatively low hanging fruit. Farming is what still 70% of this country does. Why does 70% of this country get ignored and is hardly able to participate in the world trade through exports or scientific farming technology contributions? The current model is furthering income disparities- only 0.1% of India is involved in any kinds of exports and world trade it seems, a system is being perpetuated in which guarantees 99.9% Indians have no global role or opportunities!

We just don't question such obvious paradoxes - one example? When India owns the largest farming community on this planet, why does India not have the world's largest industries that produce farm automation implements? FARM SCIENCE is not even a subject or a course offered in any university (not in an economic manner, not in the way needed). Why not give that a momentum with scientific farming through farmer education and engagement in a manner that they understand, instead of keeping the "first speak in English" condition? Is there a huge chance of success - you bet!

There is so much science in farming that is not talked about, and no one is looking at that from technology development and automation.  India should be the leader in farm automation and tech, food production, environment management, recycling, waste management, water management, energy management, timber and wood products, fresh produce, building and green development, cotton and clothing and so much more.  Then look at animals related industries, fisheries, chemicals and pharma, organic retail, genetics and bio sciences, mother care - child care and healthcare, rivers, oceans and so much more.  Entire countries and Fortune 500s are based on agriculture, farm implements, healthcare, food and so on ... and not even one of those is Indian - despite this country having the biggest possible endowment from Nature and also in terms of farm people?  Why not try and learn how to do farming on the Moon, or on Mars? I mean, there is so much to do even with science, engineering and technology - whatever one can imagine - transport, drones, automobiles, even defense, that can be derived from Nature, from environment care and understanding of environment!

These are huge sectors that can relate to environment and they can produce enough economic growth when the 70% base is already there.  It is surprising there is little thought about integrated curriculums and cost-effective understandable courses that provide the necessary skills.

And who wants to eat artificial rice and polluted foods? Do you? Oh, so this is not about farmers and environment care - it is about all of us.  Who gets to eat the good healthy food if farmers take care - all of us! We have to care for THEM so that they will care about the food that we eat!  So, this is about each one of us, not about just some specific people.

Every single Indian Government struggles to create jobs and that struggle is continuing as we can see, it is the biggest election agenda now news tells us - and yet, the Government does not see how environment care and green farming can produce so many jobs and wealth? Is that a good strategy? Should the environment not be at the core of our sustainable economic growth agenda when this country is so endowed naturally with hard working farmers?

India is a country of various faiths and beliefs - and has the largest population in the world, of people that even worship nature Gods and Goddesses. Now we know why our ancestors were smart to be respecting mother nature, after all! Should Indians coming together for mother nature, then wait, for even one second? It is often said, Indians are superstitious and blind in faith - wait! It seems some silly notions of science have made us blind and superstitious now - that we can exist and be happy without environment care. Get rid of all superstitions and blind faith - the old crap and the new crap - and look at the video for evidence - understand, we need to care for the environment to prosper and be happy.

Also, green is good work to be done globally along with the UK, worth trillions of dollars. It can generate employment and India can become the world's largest producer of green goods. India can lead to a green and sustainable World2.0. Of course it is a matter of prioritizing - and we can ask that be prioritized!

If you agree with the power of this idea, come show your support and spread the message to others as well. Ask that the Indian parliament declare an environmental emergency so that India can lead the world in green practices, so that there can be jobs, poverty alleviation, sustainable economic growth and a healthy, clean environment for all.

Let's be the change we wish to see.

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