Hang The Rapists Till Death

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She begged to let her go, she cried for the help, she wished deep inside her heart that a miracle happens and she is taken away, safe. Meanwhile, turns numb, unable to move, unable to cry even when she is hurting terribly, just the tears rolling down her face....like.....her nerves are dead, like......she doesn't feel anymore!!!!

But she must be sorry for everything she aspired for at the time when she was being looted, the time when her soul was being killed slowly in all her consciousness! 

If this is not enough to shiver you inside-out, nothing else ever will! 

No other human-commited crime can match the barbarism of a girl being terribly punished just for being a girl. 

My heart and soul are shaken, so bad that I cannot afford to hear it one more time. I never was tolerant and now I completely give up on hearing about humanity being raped every other second. 

I therefore URGE THE INDIAN GOVERNMENT to hang the rapists till death as soon as the demons are identified! 

I urge the government to legislate the harshest of the laws that even the thought of such heinous crime is enough to give them a shudder.

And I request you, if you feel the same, to sign the petition and seek the implementation of new hard-and-fast rules. 

If currency can change overnight, then it MUST happen!